Soul Success Design

Embody Soul Purpose & Create a Rich Life

Soul Success Design

Heal the Source of What’s Holding you Back & Create Soul Success

Create Wealth in Alignment with the Highest Good by sharing your Soul Purpose.

Soul Success Design has nothing to do with hustling, trying into a blueprint, template or adding more to your to do list. It’s about settling into the exquisite daily rhythm of your soul.

This is NOT a program that will overwhelm you with information, our focus is to take aligned action, implement and manifest your Soul Purpose Success.

Your gifts, passion & soul purpose are essential to awaken humanities highest potential

This is for you if: You are a talented, intuitive, creative and a leader in your field.  You are highly trained, professional building a sustainable and enjoyable life & career. You are committed to creating positive change, empowering your community from a soul-centered place of ease and flow.

Soul Success Design Coaching includes:

12 weeks of one-to-one Soul Success Design

Nine – 60 minute One-to-One Coaching & Healing Sessions

Unlimited Voice Messaging, Text & Email Support

Akashic Clearings & Energy balancing (no appointment time)



Soul Success Design Coaching

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Please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and then explore options for how I can support you.

Click here for the application: Soul Purpose Clarity Session

I have a limited number of Soul Purpose Clarity Sessions available.

If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Soul Success Design aligns with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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