Soul Purpose Retreat

Personal Virtual Retreat to Create
your Soul Purpose Legacy Blueprint

Transform the Source of What’s Holding you Back from Creating Financial Freedom

You are sensitive, strong, intuitive, creative, visionary and hearing the call to live in alignment with your Soul Purpose.  This is an invitation to reclaim the feminine creative powers of listening, allowing, feeling and healing with a soul purpose ritual.

You are not experiencing a “life transition,” you’re in a sacred initiation & rite of passage into the life you are born to live. It feels like your life depends upon activating your soul purpose, because you can no longer deny the calling of your soul.

In this cauldron of transformation, you may be feeling the depths of grief, fear, loneliness, depression, exhaustion while knowing on a cellular level that your DNA is being aligned and activated to fulfill your divine mission. You have known moments of alignment by the truth bumps that dance on your skin or the shiver that runs up your spine with undeniable soul truth.

Your current stage of burning through the old is uncomfortable but necessary in order for the PHOENIX to rise from the ashes, the good news is that you don’t need to do this alone, in fact you can’t. The sisterhood is being restored, the healing web is being repaired and each one of us are an essential part of this collaboration & spiritual awakening.

My soul purpose is supporting women to awaken intuition, align with soul purpose and enjoy an empowered relationship with money. 

Soul Purpose Retreat is a personalized ritual to create greater power, pleasure, play and prosperity

A Soul Purpose Retreat can support you if:

  • You need to change your relationship with money and power
  • You know in your bones you are here for something BIG yet feel stuck
  • You’re done playing small and denying your dreams
  • You are in the midst of a health, financial or relationship crisis
  • You have gifts and talents that are not being used in your current life or business
  • You feel exhausted, lost or overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world

You can expect to:

  • Connect with your passion and soul purpose
  • Have a clear path in going forward without compromising yourself or the greater good
  • Create regular rituals to move your body-mind & inspire your heart
  • Remember what pleasure and play feel like

Soul Purpose Retreat includes:

  • Ritual Embodiment Work & Soul Purpose Energy Healing

  • Remember your Soul Calling with deep guided visualization

  • Recognize the power of your Heroine’s Journey & the Soul-Allies waiting to support you

  • Rewire your brain for alignment with your Soul Truth

  • Rewrite the stories that stop you from being, doing and having what you want

Soul Purpose Retreat Details:

A deep dive intimate ritual with you, me, and your soul.
Takes place over zoom.

I have limited spots available for Soul Purpose Retreat. If you have been wanting to work with me for a deep dive, I encourage you to reach you to me if you feel the call.

Option #1: Soul Purpose Retreat – One Day Immersion $1888

Includes: Soul Success Design Calls before and after the retreat


Soul Purpose Retreat

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with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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