Soul Body Fit

Reduce Stress, Build Strength & Awaken Spiritual Resilience 

Embody Power, Pleasure & Purpose

This program is designed for heart-centered women to rise from the ashes with a strong and flexible body, open heart, and clear mind during this global crisis and epic life reset.

You will discover your unique soul gifts, spiritual calling, navigate challenges, address trauma patterns, be present, and plan your future based on your inner guidance. 

An essential aspect of transformation is facing the shadow and embracing all aspects of being human: strong, soft, loving, confused, fierce, afraid, gentle, stable, flexible, intuitive, intellectual… all of it! 

Soul Body Fit is designed to support you to:

  • Create daily practices that support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health 
  • Reclaim the power of your intuition & Let it Guide You
  • Live your purpose in Life, Love & Career
  • Awaken pleasure to balance hormones with movement, breath work & nutrition
  • Reset activity and rest cycles for mental and emotional clarity

Reduce Stress, Build Confidence & Embody your Purpose

We will co-create daily home practices to activate and align the power of your body, mind, heart and soul. The purr-fect plan is based on your dreams while clearing the blocks that have kept you from succeeding to create lasting changes in the past.

40 Days of Fitness for Women One-to-One Training & Guidance

  • Six - 30 minute Soul Body Fit video sessions with recordings
  • Six - Customized Guided Audio Meditations/Visualizations
  • One-to-one Email Support for Inspired Action & Implementation
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Checklist to keep you on track with your dreams
  • Journal Prompts for Power, Pleasure & Purpose
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan for Hormone Balance & Optimal Energy

Soul Body Fit ~ 40 Day Life Reset

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Equipment do I need?

You only need your body, breath and bottle of water oh and maybe a towel for sweat! ;-) The training session will use any equipment you already have, we will discuss what you have before your first session. You will need enough floor space to move at least the size of a yoga mat.

What are the technology requirements?

  1. You will need a smart phone, laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone (not free)
  2. Internet connection for video conferencing (not free)
  3. The zoom app (free)
  4. Gmail account to access recordings (free)

I will help you get all set up!

What about modifications for injuries?

The great news is that I am a therapeutic exercise specialist! Workouts will help you rebuild imbalances in strength, flexibility and balance. The focus is functional fitness and playful movement to help you live your best life.

What are the video training sessions like?

The training sessions include a simple centering, intention setting, breath work practice, functional fitness including: yoga, dance, martial arts and HIIT (aka High Intensity Interval Training) with a simple cool down and closing.

Why is the cost so low?

It's a challenging time with financial challenges and/or uncertainty for many who are navigating drastic life changes and I want to help you regain your center, feel stronger and more clear as you move through this global reset.

I am passionate about supporting women to be seen, heard and financially supported doing what she loves and begins in your everyday life! What does this have to do with a fitness for women program?

EVERYTHING! I believe that women having physical and financial sovereignty will change the world for the better! And it starts with you feeling empowered in your body, mind and heart to create your dreams for yourself, your family and your community.

Also Soul Body Fit is a new program and since it's the first time I am bringing together these teachings into one program I want to work with as many women as possible to clarify the system. The next cycle will likely cost at least $1111 for 6 weeks of one-to-one coaching.

What is the commitment of time?

The focus of this program is to create personalized daily rituals and practices that fit into your life that fuel you, reduce stress and awakening spiritual resilience.

In order to create lasting positive results you will transform how you move, breathe, eat and think to actively create the future you desire. It would be ideal if you are focused on the work for at least 30 minutes per day and also bring mindfulness into everyday activities such as breathing, driving, walking, eating, and getting dressed.

Can I access the materials later?

Everything will be recorded and sent to you by email. My focus is to help you create maximum results with minimum time as a daily practice that you enjoy doing which creates lasting lifestyle change.


Please fill out an application for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and then explore options for how I can support you.

Click here for the application: Soul Purpose Clarity Session

If this invitation resonates, let’s set up a time for a phone conversation to discuss if the Soul Body Fit aligns with what you need and want now.

with love & the power of awakening,
Christel xxo


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