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Manifest Wealth in your Spiritual Business

Awakening the unique soul powers of healers, teachers and coaches in order to transform the world

Time is of the essence as we ensure global resources are protected in service to the highest good.

Take a moment to visualize yourself having already achieved your most desired goals of doing business in service to the highest good.

Enjoy a deep cleansing breath and see yourself taking aligned action every single day to build your profitable soul purpose business.

My intention is to support your sustainable business to serve more clients grounded in spiritual practice & successful lifestyle change.

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Attract an Abundance of Clients & Opportunities in your Spiritual Business

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Free Akashic Readings for Manifesting Money

The Akashic Records are a timeless "library" of everything that has even happened and all future possibilities. The present is currently being written as we speak which means it is possible to write the future based on your dreams and desires 

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money in Alignment in with My Dharma

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Reset your Time & Money Experience

Soul Purpose Oracle Audio: Create Money without a Job

Be Present & Create the Future you envision

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Manifest Money & Make a Positive Difference

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The Mystic Money Jumpstart will unravel limiting beliefs & clear MONEY blocks in order to Manifest Money in alignment with the highest good.

Let’s align our body, mind and soul purpose and serve the highest good on planet earth.


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