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We are a heart-centered community integrating spiritual principles, purpose work & financial success in service to healing trauma, creative expression and human potential.

Connection, collaboration and love are core values that support the individual, collective and environment for the highest good.

It’s time to transform our relationship to money, power and Mother Earth to create evolutionary change.

We focus on healing core wounds through shadow work, aligning with soul purpose and creating financial freedom.

Your heart-work is needed to support the awakening of humanity.

We're in this together!

"Christel helped me create a successful series of programs AND I sold my first $9,000 package with her guidance, but also because her support was invaluable during a difficult time in my personal life when I was primary the care-taker for my mother during her final years. I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a coach and co-visionary."

Vicki Dello Joio
Performer & Storytelling Mentor

"I feel more confident than ever that I can share about my work in such a way that my ideal clients will be drawn to work with me. My dream of creating my own signature healing modality is blossoming before me as a real possibility. "

Sama Morningstar
Womb Awakening and Feminine Embodiment Mentor

"As a result of working with Christel, I left an abusive relationship with a narcissist. I learned how to engage without codependent dynamics. I left an abusive job that was making me sick and now am making 1.5 times more money. I learned how to manage my anxiety, how to like and support myself. I created a non profit organization with a goal to help the community and making positive impact "

Professional Nurse & Founder of Non-profit

"I have honed in on the tribe I am truly called to serve, created a series of programs that I am really proud of- and had my highest income earning month EVER in my life (wow!) Christel has helped me to discover a way to grow my business while creating more ease and balance in my life- as a homeschooling mom, making sure that my business doesn’t “take over” the rest of my important work is essential!"

Anne Belliveau
Healer & Musician

"I redefined my business goals & priorities which reignited my excitement to practice and teach energy medicine. I generate an additional $2600 in 2 weeks!"

Ryan Richards
Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Coach

Hi there, I'm Christel Arcucci

I'm an International Teacher, Healer, Author, Artist, Transformational Speaker & Soul Purpose Mentor.

I am passionate about empowering women to be seen, heard & financially supported aligned with Purpose. 

I created the Sacred Art of Wealth & the Sacred Writing Practice which integrate spiritual values and inspired action in order to create life & financial success. 

I have been blessed to support thousands of clients and students to align the body, mind, and soul purpose since 1991.


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